All political parties throughout the world are corrupt

All political parties throughout the world are corrupt. It’s time we put a stop to this abuse of power. Time to take back our own power, we need no authority figure telling us how to live, how much forced tax we have to sacrifice to those people so they can continue to live their millionaire life styles. We the people need no external leaders, no guru’s, ministers or any other authority body telling us how to live our God given life. The TVP is a non-political party with no hidden agenda. It will give the power back to the people- back where it should be. Before it too late, before America deteriorates further, lets change the world with the TVP, one person at a time, by voting for the only party that will give you back the power to become the person you were meant to be, a healthy, wealthy, happy and fulfilled being. That is my dream, what is yours?
Marie C.

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