All my life I have worked with what I have


All my life I have worked with what I have, in order to accomplish what I understand is my purpose in life. I understand that my purpose is to to live a good life and make a positive difference in the world, so that my family and friends can enjoy security and the freedoms of life. I think everyone has thought about this purpose in some way during their journey. It is just a basic human experience to reflect on “what is life all about?”

I agree with the standard point of view that respect and trust are essential core values that must exist and be constantly defended if we are to accomplish this purpose in our life as individuals and as a community of humanbeings.

However, at 60 years of age, and having given much of my life to serving others and our society, I have decided that much of what I respected and trusted has failed me and my fellow humanbeings. I am not bitter, but I really want to make things better. Things have to change.

So, personally, I am ready for a new point of view. I am looking for honesty and discussions based on objective logic and reason. I am looking for a steel brush to remove the rust and tarnish from my view of life and replace it with a clear view that focuses on the essence of what life really is intended to be.

What did I find in Neothink documents? I found a consise, coherent philosophical thinking that counters and acts as a “steel brush” to cut through the “conventional truth” that is generally accepted with a helpless attitude of ‘well that’s just the way it is”.

The “conventional truth” is marketed by our commonly accepted authorities in ways that  encourages a  breach of respect and trust between humanbeings. The Neothink point of view has the courage to question my complacency – it is my “steel brush”!

The focus upon the essense of life and the use of Neothink practical life applications with the management of my day and the choices of what I eat and drink have been very helpful. The readings have helped me remove the confusion and damage of myths from my thought and decision making process. I see life differently. My emotional and physical health as well as the social and financial areas of my life have benefited from this change.

Reading the documents and making some basic changes in how I think and how I live has produced very positive results. As I continue my association with New-Tech, I think that the days ahead have a great potential! I am looking forward to more changes in my life and in our world.

With respect and trust, and thanks for providing the “steel brush”,

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