After receiving the heirlooms and taking…

To whom it may concern!
I have done just about every thinkable concept of marketing you can imagine. I got a pamphlet from Neothink which struck my interest more so because of the desire to better myself and have been asking is this all there is to life.  Make a living, pay taxes and die. I wasn’t settled with that thought so in the messages of my mind I wanted more.
After receiving the heirlooms and taking my time in reading and reviewing the stories and articles I came to realize that I all ready have all I need and have put in place all that is needed to become financially wealthy and have in place the makings of a very large and brilliant opportunity and give me all I need both in income and friends which in turn brings happiness knowing that with my success all brings happiness and success to others.
Finding my Friday Night Essence was the key to what I was looking for.  You must be happy in whatever you chose to be and do because without it all you have is a JOB (just over broke) environment that will lead to only a dual life and a waste of a human Spirit.
Religion and beliefs has a lot to do with who and what you are.  I don’t wish to get into a contest with which belief is correct or is the Real one, all I will say is that there is a given force not visible by the human Eye but at times you can feel it as in when you have to make a decision on a certain matter or thought there is a guiding force if you let it come in and feel its wonders of fulfillment it may gives you the answers you are in search of.
They way of Neothink is that point of self empowerment and making you step out of your comfort zone. The people I’ve came in contact with in Neo- Tech feel very much the same as I do because we are tired of the way the world has turned into self righteous groups of political leaders that are taken us nowhere and are more concerned about their own personal gains  leaving the lower class to carried the load.
We are small right now but our Numbers are growing and soon we will be a voice to be heard and will have a place in the world to look out the little guy.
The world is changing and we are in the beginning a structural change. Before we can have the power to make change we must have support of the people and by building on the People in Numbers and have the correct political structure we will become a force to cause change to occur.
Thank You for your Time
Donald I.

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