I now desire to be a Neothink Society self-leader and mentor and help guide others to outgrow the current confusion and help to improve things by the use of my FNE after years of stagnation due to dead-end efforts. For years my brain was confused, mush, worn down, scrambled, anxious, panicky, tired, and disappointed because of it was feed so much of the dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality of the anti-civilization AC.

I have been a Searcher and am at heart “A Child of the Past” who searched for the universal solutions discovered by SOS and the ideas and work’s produced by Mark Hamilton, etc. all my life. In Science Fiction as a teenager. In college. In post-graduate studies. In work as a Scientific Programmer for IBM, the Apollo Project, the AEC and many more. Also in many self help books, much volunteering and self education.

I had earned a bachelor’s degree in math and physics and a partial master’s degree in Systems Management. With this education I participated in the Apollo Project at the NASA Headquarters Building at Cape Kennedy on Apollo 11, 12 and 13 being the lead programmer on the ACE System. Also I  worked for 23 years for IBM, Monsanto Research Corporation, Computer Science Corporation, etc. on leading projects in the nineteen sixties, seventies and until nineteen eighty-three. Stress then took me down to temporary homelessness and temporary joblessness.

In 2005 after completing Sinclair Community College (where I made honors in social work, sociology, abnormal psychology, communications arts), I worked in what resulted in the Burden of  Life in volunteering, and studying, writing and reading about the issues by the methods of the (AC).

I now have accomplished the status of an Ohio Fellow by attending the John Glenn Institute Leadership Academy for Public Service and Public Policy at Ohio State University that was completed in 2006.

As an Ohio Fellow from OSU I was trying in vain to mentor others and lead after a huge personal crisis that even lead to homelessness for a year due to an(AC) methods.

I have rebounded in Motivational Drive after finding Neothink. Now I know where the real in reality is (in the Neothink Society). Also, as a person born under the sign, “Aquarius”, I have felt in my Inner Being that prophetic age of peace and enlightenment humanity needs and that The Civilization of the Universe can now be realized by The Neothink Society and by all The Outstanding  works of Mark Hamilton.

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