A round of applause to Mark Hamilton and his dedicated staff.

Think about it – we live in a perfect world.  We really do.  Just look  at all the nature around you, the way everything is designed, the plants, the animals, etc.  The only thing that needs to change is humanity.  We must change the course of direction in this country, or the world, for that matter.  If we don’t, it’s only a matter of time that we may self-destruct.  It’s seems only logical to me, that’s where we are heading.  But we can do something about it.  The time to change is now.
I feel sorry for our seniors today.  They don’t need to be suffering like they are.  All of that will change with Neothink.
Alot of our teens are confused.  They are getting all the wrong messages.  They need to read the Neothink literature to get on the right path.
The Neothink Society is working hard on anti-aging.  Whatever can be done to slow down that process, I am all for it !
I honestly believe that depression is atleast half the reason why so many people have illnesses today.  You first have to be healthy/happy in your mind, to be healthy in the body.  People need to read these three multigenerationals and the Neothink Library to learn how to live in a perfect world.  All of your answers will be there.  Mark Hamilton is the “master” writer.  On more than one occasion I had tears in my eyes while reading his works.  I don’t have much spare time, but I intend to go through the entire library with it’s thousands of pages.  There is a wealth of knowledge there.
A round of applause to Mark Hamilton and his dedicated staff.  I appreciate all the time and hard work you put into this cause for mankind.
I welcome a change for the better.  I welcome a new world !
Love & Peace…    Margrett

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