A revelation, a Neothink world symphony

A revelation, a Neothink world symphony. I love Neo-Tech like the food I put into my body and the words and actions that flow through my day. I am grateful and excited in knowing we are here in my lifetime. This is amazing. Neo-Tech, Neothink and Zonpower made me realize that I was actually right but didn’t have the proof. I was alone and everyone around thought I was made, no joke, until I was able to lock myself away, then Neo-Tech appeared…and that’s another story. However, the weight of the words and conviction made me realize there was an army out there really thinking and living it true. These words are what I have at this moment in time to express the companionship I feel with Neo-Tech in my life. Give thanks to Mark Hamilton – Lots of love and here’s a phrase I developed to express my joy “Cosmic Juices Labour of Fire”. Mark Hamilton I am glad you are in my life.

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