A new free from ‘flaw-filled-man’

A new free from ‘flaw-filled-man’ dimension, does not have to be created…. it already exists. It is naturally available to all – , when imperfections are removed as identified in the Prime Law document: ‘A power-reactor explosion of prosperity, love, wealth and health takes place’. Each individual can start this journey, within their own mind. Self-leaders are already beginning to shape a new dimension. But the flaws in man are so great, that achieving the critical mass of mystic free individuals to bring on a new civilization is a mammoth task… Instituting the Prime Law driven by the emotional appeal of the 12 Visions, is the keystone … the brilliant identification that the flaws can be removed from man-made decisions as a written law… is child’s play compared to trying to remove mysticism on the individual scale alone. Just as the improvement of the Magna Carta with the United States constitution was an evolution in ethics, the Prime Law completes that evolution.
Craig H.

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