A little story of my journey

As I grew up in the 60′s religion was a big part of my family life.Growing up in an old school Portuguese environment.Bible study on Saturday and church on Sunday.As I reached my teen years I started to rebel.Bad friends drugs and running wild became the norm.Then I decided to join the Marines in 1972.That helped me to grow up some and help me to become a self leader.Then in 1973. I got married and wife gave me two beautiful children.

Even though we married for the wrong reasons. We stood together for 19 long years.And in 1993 I found myself getting divorced.By the time that first Christmas without my family came I was a Heroin & Cocaine smoking snorting Addict Alcoholic Pot smoking fiend.Trying to kill myself during that first Christmas without my family.But some how I found away to see myself in the mirror for the first time in my life.

I realized I need to do something before my children looses their father. So I had to self teach myself how to love myself all over again. Which in turn taught me how to respect myself.And let me tell you! That wasn’t an easy task to do in fact it was the hardest thing I ever done in my life.And in the process of going through all that. I started to do searches on the computer for a better way because what I was doing was going nowhere fast.
Then out of the blue I got a white envelope with red strips on it from some unknown. I opened it and read it. I have to admit!That letter peaked my interest a lot.The letter was from Mark Hamilton.And let me tell you that insignificant letter changed my whole life by changing my way of thinking. I quickly read all the letters that were sent to me. An I bought the first heirloom which was amazing.So I bought the second heirloom and that too is an amazing book.Then I bought the third heirloom.That right it too is amazing.

I gained knowledge I never knew existed.And that knowledge I’m speaking of has value for me that to me unrivaled any knowledge I had up to that point in my life.That knowledge has turned me from a person that knew the self leader in me and forgetting lateron down road.After getting out of the services.I went right back to being the follower that I learned to be.But as soon as I got into my heirlooms all that changed me into a self leader once again.

I may not be financially rich yet but I am on that road to becoming rich.And so is everyone else who has the knowledge and those that don’t have the knowledge will also gain riches too. But that will come no doubt in my mind it will come.As for right now I am on track to being financially using the amazing array of knowledge from the heirlooms.And because of all that knowledge.I’m now a NeoThinker. And now I support and believe in the TVP.For our country need this TVP so we can make this country the greatest place on earth.And this AC we find ourself in now that seems to be getting worst by the seconds.

Things need to change have to change and must change not just for us but for our children and our children’s children’s children and beyond.That is why I support the TVP.
A special Thanks to Mark Hamilton and to his family. And to all my NeoThinking Brothers and Sisters of the NeoThink Society. AND POWER TO THE TVP AND THE PEOPLE OF THE USE!!

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