A Life Touched By Neothink

It has been about a year and a half since that fateful day when I got the first letter from Mark Hamilton. I remember the envelope with its red and blue edging. I had a very warm feeling about that day, like my life was going to change and would never be the same again. I saw a show one time where a person who had purchased a winning lottery ticket felt the exact same thing that day they bought it. I can only describe it as a knowing… a feeling of certainty that was very quiet inside me, yet very strong at the same time. It absolutely would accept no argument from me, and I didn’t mind because I liked that feeling. It made me feel peaceful and made me feel happy, and I hadn’t had much of that…..

I guess I can say I always knew I was different. I also knew at some very intrinsic level that it would do me no good to try and “fit in” because I would never be able to pull it off anyway. I was a sensitive, serious kid and there were times where I just couldn’t think very well, times where I was very embarrassed. I was always the underachiever, the one whose parents always got called for conferences with the teachers because there was “something wrong” with him. I was an easy target for the other kids to pick on. My six-year-old solution, which was to have far-reaching consequences, was to withdraw from people. I got very good at building walls and not bridges. But I did not see what this would do to me. While others my age were out socializing, learning how to handle themselves in those situations and learning how to deal with emotions, I was not. I fought depression a lot, and it only makes sense in retrospect because I was badly warping myself. I left myself no means to cope when, in my senior year of high school, a young lady took an interest in me. It lasted just long enough to wipe out my defenses and bring back all the emotions I had buried. I had always struggled with depression and was teetering anyway, and this finished me off. I could not cope. I was going to take my life but instead
saw that I needed to make some major changes if I was going to be able to cope with life enough to continue living. I allowed myself to be admitted to a psych ward, where I cried buckets of tears. I was there for three weeks and had to drop a class so I could graduate.

Having survived childhood, I now went to college. I didn’t really want to go; I had discovered popular music and figured I would not need a college degree to do that.
But my mother came from a family of college professors and there was absolutely no way I was not going. So I went to a state school for music. I learned a lot there and a lot about life, a lot of things that the classes did not teach but my experiences did. It was a bittersweet time. I survived a couple of near-death experiences and the survivor guilt that came with them, as just a year earlier I had planned to die and end my life. I misread right-brain messages and became religious – devoutly so. I think if you are going to say you believe something, walk your talk. Don’t sit on the fence – either you are or you aren’t “whatever it is”. I still believe that. Be COMMITTED to whatever it is you are doing. Otherwise, what’s the point?
I finished college in three years. While I was there I had started writing songs. I
was 21 and had a mission to tell people what I had learned: It doesn’t matter how far down you are, you can always come back if you want to badly enough. What might my life have been if I wasn’t duped by mysticism? But I was and so I lost a couple more decades living altruistically to a fault, doing the safe and expected things, putting my mission aside again and again for others. I married and divorced twice. My memory and my health collapsed. I was broken and had to go back into therapy again. It would be oversimplifying to say I had a mid-life crisis, but that was part of it. I had expended myself for others to where I had never taken care of myself, had given up my dreams more than once, was not living them or anything close to a life I wanted to live and it took its inevitable toll.
I learned much in therapy that would seem like common sense to many of you, but for me was very deep and profound. I also found that I have a different brain chemistry than most, and so I have chemical depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and seasonal affective disorder. After finding that out, a lot of my life made much more sense. I always had to expend so much energy to get up from my “down” to everybody else’s “normal”, so I had to expend a lot more effort to get the results someone with a normal brain chemistry would. There were plenty of times where I just couldn’t do it. The ADD is like an on-again, off-again disability. When it hits, you just can’t think. You can’t realize or see anything, let alone the essence to what is. There are times where I will sit down to do something I have done many times before and can’t remember how to do it. I have to wait till the episode passes and try it again. There is no way it could not have drastically affected my life, and it did – and some of my choices made it much, much worse.
I believe the reason why things are the way they are is just as important as the
result. I believe the reason why something gets done is just as important as
whether it gets done or not. So I have chosen to write this testimonial this way. But
now I had the letter from Mark. What was I going to do?
I obviously took it and followed up, getting everything he offered. It was very tough to do for me, as I was in very dire straits. I was living with my mom for a few months, having been caught unprepared by the end of a marriage to someone who was once my best friend. But in both cases I had married someone too hurt to be in a relationship. Now I would have to make sure I took care of myself to make sure that description did not also apply to me. But my health continued to break down after all the stress and hurt I had suffered. One night my dinner did not agree with me.
The pain got to where I couldn’t take it. I gave up fighting and managed to drive
myself to the hospital.

Thus began a six-week odyssey of not being able to do much at all, with pain killers so strong I could not drive. I tried to keep working but couldn’t. The procedures I was going through were as bad as the original malady itself. I was having kidney problems – stones and another issue they thought was congenital. I eventually had to have surgery. I would have to be put under, so I prepared a last will and testament that I had my mom and a friend of hers sign. It was a very poignant day for me, that day before surgery, but it turned out OK.
Shortly after the surgery I moved out into a place with a roommate at first, but then he decided to move out. I had nowhere else to go, had a lot of debt from the divorce and was rationing my food. I was on unemployment as I lost my job. It was a very dark time. I was grateful to be able to read Mark’s writings, as they made a lot of sense. But with my brain chemistry, I had never been able to see things very clearly. I had missed many opportunities in life. How was I going to apply this?
How was I going to figure out how?

Times were very dark. I lost my insurance and had to wean myself off of the
antidepressant medications I had been prescribed. I was so frustrated. I was
completely alone. Only all I had learned from my experiences kept me from giving
up, giving in and checking out. In the midst of this – being hungry, not knowing if I would be able to hold on to my place, so depressed and frustrated and hurt I was really not becoming someone either of us would like – I got a book in the mail which turned out to be the Miss Annabelle story. I do not believe in the religious concept of God any more – I found organized religion to be based on appearance when push came to shove, and that trumps doing right – but I do believe there is something else out there. Mark’s description of the Zons and the power of consciousness explains what it is without all the circular reasoning that you have to indulge in to believe in religion. I think that was in tune to me and so it came to be that at this time, when things were so bad in my life and I had been so hurt and weakened by it, I got this story.

I expect most if not all of you reading these lines have read that story. Because it describes a world that could be if all of what the Society stands for comes to pass, it is a beautiful story of overcoming all kinds of trials and heartaches and spitefulness and malice… a world where ultimately love and joy and peace and happiness and having all these things forever – plus someone to celebrate that with – become the norm. Now imagine reading this if your heart had been broken, if you felt betrayed by much of what you held to be true, if you were not sure if you would have a place to live or if you would have something to eat…. if you were struggling to keep going
long enough to see if maybe there was a light at the end of the tunnel that you
could get to. How do you think you would react to it then?
I had gotten a glimmer of hope here and there from Mark’s apprenticeship meetings and I kept going. But this was something else entirely. I will confess I cried a lot when I read it. I was pulling for the characters and what they were going for and the whole story touched me in a way that I did not feel so alone any more.
Life eventually got a little better. I got hired back by an accountant I had worked for previously. I started working on a business, getting an entity set up and registered with my state and taking classes and being mentored to develop a web site so I
could make my living for myself eventually and get the freedom from someone
else’s schedule that I had felt was the biggest impediment to reaching my dreams. I started writing songs again. I kept ordering whatever Mark offered me and kept reading. But how my mind works with the brain chemistry I have would still be a problem I would have to surmount, somehow….

One day I got an e-mail – great, exciting news! The Neothink summit was going to be held in Chicago. I was being given some vacation time by my employer and it looked like I would have just enough money to be able to go. Initially I thought, sure! But then I started to think about it some more. Was I really up for this? I would be going there myself to meet a bunch of people I had never met before. I had no idea what to expect. I don’t really do so well in social situations…. What if this turned out to be just another disappointment? I went back and forth. It was an unknown, social, SCARY thing for me. But I made the reservation.
I remember the day I was supposed to go. Should I or shouldn’t I? Would I or
wouldn’t I? It was so hard to pack. I got some music I liked and headed out the

I used to drive as a courier in a past career so the drive wasn’t a problem; nor was finding the hotel. I got to my room and made out some little slips with my name and contact information if someone wanted them. Then – although I still had mixed feelings about going – I found out where the summit was taking place and walked there.

I will spare you a description of the summit as it has been described before. I can only tell you it had been a real struggle for me to get myself there. It did not disappoint at all; in fact, it was hard to leave. I met some wonderful people and many doors ended opening up for me that I don’t think would have otherwise. I think going there and meeting everyone did two things: when I called in on the calls that I had learned about, the person I was talking to could say in their mind, “oh, THAT guy”, and I think that made a huge difference; and I think it showed that I was serious. Regardless of whether I am right or not, I was making some of the calls now and people were reaching out to me, helping me to get past the ADD that hamstrung me as far as being able to become a self-leader and put into practice all I had been reading. I had met Steve Fagan and Charlie Moore at the summit; both reached out to me in different ways – Steve by allowing his company’s resources to be used to help me and Charlie by becoming my life coach.

The stress and grief and pain I had gone through were receding deeper into the
past. My mind was getting better. I had had a co-worker at me for a time for me to tell him when I was playing out again because he wanted to hear me play. I don’t know why, but he kept after me. Of course, I put it off. How could I get up in front of an audience and play if I couldn’t remember the songs? But that did not satisfy my co-worker, who had a cafe with an open mic night that he went to.
Finally, I said to myself, OK – I’m gonna do it. I told my co-worker who came with his wife. Yes, I was there, too, with my guitar, about to put my memory to the test. But any performer will tell you that it’s murder just before you go up there. But I went. I did forget the words at one point but was able to improvise. But the main thing was that I did it and got through it. It was a comeback for me, which I continue to do, and I told Steve and Charlie about it on the Powers Call. It seemed to make an impression because they graciously had me describe a vision of what performing would be like if I had “made it” one week and then had me give a testimonial the next. I was frank about my failings and spoke from the heart. It is easier for me to speak to a group rather than one-on-one, but I still was not prepared for what happened next. They kept me on for the whole call and had the other callers speak to me and me to them. I was vey deeply touched by how my story affected them. It was what I had in mind to do – to positively touch others’ lives – when I first got out of the psych ward at 18.

That was yesterday. I wish I could say I have retired my job and cut the last of the chains the anticivilization held me down with and kept me from my dreams. But there have been some hold-ups with the web site and I am not to that point yet. But I am working on it and am very grateful to have gotten help that for me with my different brain chemistry is indispensable to my being able to actualize the literature and actually become that self-leader. I was asked by Steve LaValley to send him some recordings I had made. I dusted off the recordings I had made with ProTools about two years ago, got them converted into a format where he could hear them and got those off to him yesterday as well. I am incredibly grateful to have come into contact with something honest – Neotech/Neothink – that is what it says it is – and now I am actually being able to help and return a good turn, and I do believe one good turn deserves another. Yes, I have a burning desire to progress and cut the last chains, but I am on the way, and the doors that are beginning to
open for me are just the beginning. To be able to give back to something that has helped me is very humbling and it touches me deeply.

I am loath to close this, as the story is ongoing. But I can tell you that I continue to work and continue to work toward my goals. I can also tell you that I made a promise to myself that I was going to make it this time or die trying, but I was never going back to living without my dreams again, or doing the safe or expected thing.
Oddly enough, not long after I made that promise was when I got Mark’s first letter.
I will close this with two quotes I have shared on the Powers Call.
“It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man
stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better. The credit
belongs to the man who is actually in the arena – whose face is marred with sweat, and dust, and blood; who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt, from an essay titled, “In the Arena”
“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you’re doomed if you don’t try.” –
Anonymous sign, but some of the best advice I ever got We have all heard that the saddest words in the English language are, “what could have been”. We owe it to ourselves and to those around us to make every effort to make our dreams come to pass and fully realize our Friday Night Essences… and o help others to get there too.
-Tim H.


  1. It has been 10 years since I received my first heirloom from Mark. I had no idea at that time what that delivery would mean to me but it absolutely changed my life forever. As I studied the manuscripts several things happened. First, I was taken back by the newness of the information I was reading. I had to slow my reading and read each nugget of information over and over in order to be sure I was understanding it all.
    Next, I took a break from my reading and took the time to get married and settle into my new life. But it didn’t take long for me to start reading again and I spent the next year reading and reading and I began to look around at my world and I began to see things differently, more clearly. Additionally, I challenged the information contained in the manuscripts by conducting my own research and plugging the pieces of the puzzle together on my own to get the full integration into my mind. Snap, Snap, Snap.
    I started to see through the illusions that I had lived under for so many years. I knew I had to find other people who were experiencing this new thinking, this Neothink. That’s when I started talking to others who were deeply involved and I found myself wanting to be directly involved in championing the change that the Neothink Society was manifesting in current day. I started uncovering so much more of myself, my essence and I knew I had discovered why I am here. Using the tools and techniques provided by my mentor Mark Hamilton and my coaches Steve F, Steve R and Mike G I was able to finally, after 50 years on this planet, able to stand up and say, “I am a Neothink Man”.
    I soon found myself in the position of mentoring others and conducting workshops and readings online. I was able to facilitate some great things that resulted in value for those who took their ideas and developed plans using the principles of Neothink Business to launch their value to the world. I began to feel a new sense of love for my fellow humans and our planet. It is so powerful as to bring tears to my eyes.
    As I worked and learned I began to advance my essence and feel the power of independent thinking and the reward of being me. I became so advanced that I earned the nickname, Renaissance Man within the circle of Neothink mentors. I developed blueprints for a new society using knowledge gained from Mark and others, I designed a Business Alliance that provided a venue for sounding ideas and even launching successful businesses, I was a speaker and teacher of Neothink and I wrote a book that helps people to prepare for Mark’s teachings and most important of all, I became a Neothink Man. If you think I state that lightly, think again. For once you have made the discovery, you will not turn away from it for you will have opened your Essence and once you know who you are, you can not ignore that fact.
    Yes, I am eternally grateful to Mark Hamilton for inviting me to share his and his father’s discoveries and I am absolutely committed to advancing what I know to be the one most fundamental honesty available to you and I, the one sure fire process that will guarantee your success and provide our children with a happy and prosperous place to live and grow.
    Today I am less directly involved in the daily integrations within the society and I am more directly involved in our society, teaching others the ways to integrate Neothink into their lives. This requires a special set of skills that are learned and practiced to become a master of new thinking so that people can understand what it is they need to know. I teach others the ways of being a true human free to discover self and follow that thing in the core of your being, your Essence! When you acquire the manuscripts and begin to look around you, you will certainly run into others who have also started their journey and who are doing as I do. You may not hear them specifically say Neothink, but you will know by their mannerisms and attitude. They are integrating Neothink into our world for the betterment of all and for increasing our longevity, our mortality. I hope to run into you soon. Rick M.

  2. harrystadierjr says:

    I love everything I learned so far. Intergraded thinking value of life. Relationships business and living your childhood dream. It all comes together to bring you to a higher understanding of everything you can ever imagine. Nothing is impossible through these teachings. I’ve thought like this all my life. What I read and experienced enlightened me more than I already was. It confirmed my already belief system. Thank you so much for the inspiration that I will keep for eturnity. Harry

  3. james taylor says:

    always new there was something special in me i have always been able to guess things that i really should not know i am always right i am not trying to brag there are things that i just know are going to happen and they do i really would like to know how i got picked to be part of this

  4. Hello Mark Hamilton! Thank you so much for yours books.Im happy and I need to the song to sing about the live. I love to all of you. im remember that no one can hurt my feelings love. always we are happy and good feelings.olga

  5. I love this life.olga

  6. The guys finally made it to the top of El captain. It was a hard journey but they achieved their goal. Hurray for them. This is a good example set for us to achieve our goals, our dreams, for all of us no matter how old we become in the process. This is what Dr. Wallace & mar Hamilton are trying to tell us through the study of neo-think, neo-tech. Thank you for making a new life possible for all of us neo-thinkers, one day @ a time. We are all special & this is no scam!!

  7. Because of our new awareness & conscis Ness we can finally be free to be who we are meant to be despite the a c world because we now see how much we deser ve to be happy & learn how to use our essences…because of neo-think. We all thank Dr. Wallace & mark Hamilton who help us get in touch w/our inner-selves with the help of our mentors: charlie,Steve, Kay, and all of the others. We are free& no longer in a prison. We are all seeine this. Neo-think is not a scam!!! And we will never give up, no matter what!!!

  8. The seahawks made it to the super bowl. ..2nd year in a row… how did this happen? Because they never gave up & thanks to frank r. Wallace & mark Hamilton we n eo-thinkes are learning to do this ourselves for our own lives. This is the bottom line. We learn to believe in ourselves & we work together as a family- we have each others back! Wewill all succeed.. because we believe the same & luv each other. We will never give up. Thanks to neo-think….the books we are reading & our mentors who are helpiing us one day & a time to believe in ourselves, create new lives, & become the people we are meant to be. Robin

  9. If we all believed & lived neo-think it would be a much better world. There would be no more wars. We would not be slaughtering each other in the name of god all over the world, not in america, not in France, not anywhere. We would live in peace & happiness with enough jobs & money for all. There wouldnt be all of the poverty and mental illness that exists today. This is what Dr. Frank wallace dream was. This is our dream. Thanks to mark Hamilton who is contuing this fight for all of us. And we will continue on because we will not give up! Ever!

  10. Thank you Dr. Wallace & mark Hamilton, along with steve fagan, charlie moore, Kay s.& my neothink friends for being in my life!!

  11. Thank you Dr. Frank wallace and mark Hamilton for bringing neo-think into my life. Through integration of this subject matter it is helping me to be more grounded, one day at a time.

  12. how would i get a letter of invite

  13. Hanna Hinkel says:

    Ja, vor 10 Jahren bekam ich Kontakt zu Mark Hamilton. Was für eine göttliche Gabe.
    Danke dafür Bewusstsein, Achtsamkeit



  16. Thank you to all mentors . For this, I am very sad of everything . I am dirt poor and feel a lost of hope . Confused in every move and step taken . I still remain a good/ praying women . I do not want to let anyone down . Just keep reading as a hobbie . Maybe I will accomplish this puzzle . The Constitution is loosing ground in the USA and I’m worried . I see now what you Mark Hamilton mean about our world . Thank you for reaching out to me . Yours truly Sincerly Ashley L.

  17. Dear Mark,
    I had received a letter several years ago and did nothing. Then I received another letter a few months ago. I decided to check it out. I had gotten the book Neothink 3. I am glad I did, I normally do not read books because I get bored real fast and do not have the patient for reading. I received this book and could not believe how big the book was and thought there was no way I could read this book. I decided to start reading the book and actually got very intised with the book and even got emotional at times. Well I finished the book after a few months reading a couple of hours a night. I found alot in the book I had already felt for a while. It sure would be the best to live in a world like that. I know in time we will. My feelings from reading this book felt natural relaxed and felt apart of that life style. I want to thank you for writing this book and it is my first time ever reading a book of this magnitude. It gives me a whole new perspective. Thank you again Kerry S.

  18. LarryJohnson says:

    mark Hamilton writngs have changed my life to one of excitement and happiness a life striving toward honest effort and overcoming mysticism thinking something outside of myself is going to provide the answers to life’s challenges. thanks again Mark

  19. Having Key informed is life altering; learning the tools to Success means?

  20. Daisy Christie says:

    To all those who do not think outside the box give your self a break an stop thinking that everything is a scam when I first received that blue and white letter that thought never came to my mind the letter was so different from any I have ever received I could not put it down I read it over and over that letter changed my life because of it I was able to purchase the heirloom books ..read about miss Annabel and the other characters Peolple this is not a joke this is real as 2+2 =4 this is truly not a scam.

  21. Dale Crochet says:

    Hi Mark this is Terry Crochet,to tell the truth my name is Dale Crochet, I’m her husband. Terry is my wife. She has a curved tailbone at the bottom of her spine. She has 3 spinal disc iin her back and a swolen upper back close to her neck thay hurts. I had a stroke at 51 years old but its been 7 years. I’m ok, as long as I take the 9 pills given to me every day. But let me say this. Your books are so amazing that its not even funny. But I have not recevied 1 book and thats the Prize! Please send it to me. Thanks, Mark you are great!

  22. You sent the letter to me. I was excited about it and sent the money for the manuscript that same day. Something makes me believe this might actually be real. I haven’t received the book yet, but am looking forward to it. Bring it on!

  23. Benjamin smith says:

    I’ve gotten the letters from the society and the league, I haven’t yet purchase the hierloom I need money for it

  24. Mohamed Farah says:

    I am new a member of the club, still I am learning a wonderful Books from Dr Mark Hamilton, I am feeling like I am studying the best University on the World, I d not think any university on the World provides this very valuable Education, I could say this is breakthrough of the world prosperous but it needs every body should be in the Team to succeed this wonderful IDeal.

  25. Myron Tomyn says:

    I am soon to be 70 yrs. old! I can hang pretty good with the 30-40 yr. old “kids” in the gym, even tho I’m in Chronic Pain, All the time!
    I began in ’97 with neck surgery, ’98 with lower back Surgery and a Triple bypass and then
    a Stent in ’04. Now, in the past 15 yrs. I have had 5 more Spine surgeries, have Hardware at L45 and have a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted in my upper left Butt area, which is no longer working! I have had Both hips replaced, 3 Rotator cuffs repaired, one done twice, blown again and now inoperable! I have screws holding my Little toes to my Feet and 3 rt. Ankle surgeries, 2, because the Dr. Kept screwing it up!
    Can this Program, although I’m not sure I really understood what I was reading, help ME in some way?

  26. Carlito Cole says:

    I don’t have a story because I can’t afford the book or do I have the insight to get it or not even one idea to start. But I’m glad to see that it changed every one’s life hopefully I will get a blessing of some kind. Your friend Carlito Cole.

  27. John Russell Ryan says:

    I am a serious brain injury survivor and with Mark Hamilton’s writing I have been able to start my own recovery from my Disability serious brain injury. In that I am starting to understand things more written and spoken instructions on how to do things on life and truly enjoying being once more alive and searching for answers that only a few months ago I was not even able to understand or react to, Mr. Mark Hamilton has given me back the gift of life, in that now I can enjoy the true quality of life that I deserve after suffering such a horrific personal injury such as I did back on September 25, 1978, in which left me with over 84% brain injury. And thanks to Mark Hamilton even the local Law enforcement has stopped to a degree h erasing me to a point that I can regain my self confidence in myself to go back out into the World with out worry of h easement bye Policemen wanting to take me and put me into a Mental Hospital, just because I’m different from others making me a easy target for Police to make money bye placing people like me into Mental Health Hospitals without worry of reprisal from myself or any other family member of mine. Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton for allowing me to become a member of the Neothink Society.

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