A Life Offering Value Exchange

Mark Hamilton
Life Offering Value Exchange in the form of ongoing appreciation seems to regularly appear in my consciousness, these days. This mental condition embraces “The Prime Law (The 3000, Year Old Secret)”. Just this morning I began to think of things in my State that appear to have recently changed in response to the propagation of “The Prime Law”. One evident component of that change is, for several years it seemed that a significant number of people of the law-and-order community in this State displayed incompetence while carrying out their duties, but recently it seems that C.L.E.A.T. have “stepped up to the plate” and brought the Law-and-Order community to sober justice. The actions of C.L.E.A.T. seems to me to be in respectable alignment with “The Prime Law”. However, in not so distant future we all shall know.

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