A Hamilton helped found America and a Hamilton can save it!

THE PRIME LAW, what our Nations founding fathers forgot to include in the U.S. Constitution! Hello my fellow American if you are reading this it means you care, Thank-you. I want you to know that for you, me and every other American, right now a man is risking everything he worked his whole life to build. Please ask yourself who really does care about our freedom, health, wealth and happiness? and what determines how much that individual cares? I don’t know about you, but as for me I feel any man like Mark Hamilton, who at this very moment is risking his life’s work for us, deserves our support. Just some food for thought, when the founders signed the declaration of independance they were considered traitors, the British newspapers printed all manner of false accusations against them, why did the British do this? When the colonists protested in the streets peacefully without arms, why did British soldiers shoot into the crowd and continue to shoot? FEAR is the reason, the British feared loss of power, loss of control, loss of money, or to put it simply The British government Feared Loss. This same fear is what has the current ruling class up in arms against a man they claim is a fake. Who is the real fony here? PLEASE if you sacrificed for freedom, if you want to continue to let liberty’s light shine for the whole world to see, if you know a young man or woman who gave everything for our god given rights your support is needed now to help save our great country and to halp save an honest man’s life work. Mark Hamilton has been a great inspiration to me. His teachings have helped shape me into the honest, ethical, hard working businessman-worker that I am. Please support him, and join the twelve visions party for your future and for the future of our Beloved America.

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