A Different Reason For Joining

My reason for joining the Ne0think Society are a little different from most
I am 81 years old and have had a good life I am very happy, I have a good retirement income and fair health but good health insurance if I need it. I have also only voted one time in the last 25 years that was when Ross Pero ran for presendent, My state was the only State to place him # 1.He turned out to be a disapointment. I did not vote because my vote did not count because in those years I would not vote for either of the two major parties They became like each other in the areas that count. I have always known about the Neo=Cheaters, crooks, hang arounds and resisted all atempts to reduce me to a puppet. I read one other members comment that said she stopped voting for the same reasons I think it was Liz I wont give the last name cause I might be wrong. I know it was Liz I remember she said she would walk on water to vote for the Twelve Visions Party Liz I feel the same way thank you.I want the world to know the value of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party The goal of both is to have Health, wealth love, peace and respect for each other, they strongly believe in indivual rights, Small Government, a school system that prepars children to be value producers, they believe progress is being delaied by our current system of Government They believe each person should be the person they were ment to be and most important of all 100% Honesty in Government, Business and Indivuals. The Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party is the only organization in the world that offers all those things for the good of all mankind and no one can say they are not needed, wrong or obsolete. Thats why I joined the Neothink Society.Long live Mark Hamilton the founder.
Melvin G C

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