A Character Assessment of Mark Hamilton

I want to show all concerned what things I witnessed about Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party. The Place that I witnessed these things was in North Dakota. To get to the assessment, I need to describe the differences between big cities and small towns.
I am an enrolled member on a Federal Reservation in North Dakota. However, I was raised in Los Angeles, CA.
North Dakota is kind of like ancient Israel, meaning that it is a huge piece of land with small towns separated by 30 to 50-miles and the population is low in every city and in general in the state. There are more people in Los Angeles alone than in that whole state.
There is a word that Mark Hamilton teaches in his literature which is “Stagnation”. I am going to make a point here using that word about the differences to get to the assessment.
Stagnation means a vegetated mind. The low population of small towns creates low growth or mental stagnation. One of the differences between small towns and big cities is growth. Big cities have high growth and small towns have low growth or high stagnation. Coming from the high growth of Los Angeles to the small towns of North Dakota, I witnessed stagnation in various forms. Isolation creates stagnation. Isolation is low population and low activity and lack of stimulation. These create mental stagnation and the downward spiral of all the problems of low population, low activity and lack of stimulation.
For example, the states of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota have the highest rate nationally of obesity, retardation, and suicide. Those are the results of and the initiators of the low population, low activity and lack of stimulation. It’s a vicious cycle of death created by the isolation.
For example, the low population, low activity and lack of stimulation create boredom and crime. Such as rape and murder. Nothing to do with no stimulation with a small crowd, people do all kinds of evil things.
Here are what I witnessed that isolation creates: incest, child molestation, beastiality, rape, adultery, fights, violence, family genocide, murder, theft, illiteracy and damaged or debilitated senses so that people are naturally immoral and criminal, just to name a few.
Living in an environment like that where the nightly party is to rape a drunk and unconscious single female, or robbing a visitor, combined with the high mental growth of being raised in Los Anggeles, CA, I will describe to you the civility of Mark Hamilton’s charcter when he wrote to me in 2005 and invited me to join the Neothink Society.
The crimes committed in the isolation of small towns are stopped in larger cities. I’ve witnessed that both gangs and the Police have a common denominator in the inner cities when it comes to crimes like that, i.e. they both fight to protect their families from people like that. The Police arrest and kill people like that and the gangs kill people like that, and they both do it for the welfare and safety of their families.
Men from bigger cities are unlike men raised in isolated communities due to high population, high activity and stimulation. Men from small towns are perverts but men from big cities are family oriented and why the difference? Because of the high population. There are so many beautiful women in inner cities that a man has a choice of 10-women for every man and his sexual cravings and need fior female companionship are satisfied.
In small towns, the options are lacking and men commit incest and rape. They get drunk for stimulation and fight over the women. This means that they commit adultery and murder due to isolation. The standards for marriage are immoral and many have killed others secretly in accidents to have the spouses of other people. That is what low population, low activity and lack of stimulation create.
How does isolation create suicide? Suicide is the result of the obesity and retardation. People are rejected, abused and sexually abused by their familes, friends and criminals due to the retardaion and obesity. To answer that question we need to answer how isolaion creates obesity and retardation.
Isolation creates obesity because isolation creates low activity. People stay indoors and sleep a lot and over sleeping creates an abnormal appetite. Ever wake up and feel hungry? That’s how the human body works normally. It eats after it sleeps. Imagine that happening 3 or 4-times a day from low activity and oversleeping.
Ever eat when you’re bored? Food is stimulation in isolated communities due to low activity and lack of stimulation. Combine 3 more meals in between the oversleeping and 4-meals due to lack of stimulation. An abnormal appetite is created due to the overeating and oversleeping of the isolation. The result of isolation is obesity. Obese people get abused and rejected for romantic love relationships. This leads to suicide.
How does isolation create mental retardation? People grow from their experiences with people. But in isolated communitites the population is low and the growth rate is thus also low. With little or no people around you, the results will be little or no growth and the people without learning is mental stagntion and they will become retarded and bicameral and they will only rehearse what they experience istead of grow from it.
Isolation creates stagnation instead of growth and people abuse their bodies with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual miscondsuct, and whatever other crime exists in small towns, for stimulation. The people don’t know how to grow or think for themselves. They can only copy others or rehearse what they witness instead of create values for themselves. Remember that in a free society the exchange of values for monetary first benefits the one with the values because normally grown people revolve around their sense of welfare and sense of self-value. Isolation creates bicameral, stagnated and mentally retarded minds.
Isolation also creates sexual dysfunction due to low population, lack of options and lack of stimulation. So people are sexually repressed and sexually criminal. They don’t get married or find spouses, as normally grown people do, to create children. They do it for sexual release and gratification and “party-up” beforehand on drugs and alcohol. Thus, they do not think about children when having sex and the kids are born unwanted and reatarded. This retardation causes suicide.
Amidst this environment is when Mark Hamilton contacted me in 2005 and was once again in fellowship with normally grown and civilized humanity. While in North Dakota, I practiced self-preservation and separated from the geneal public and kept it at “hi and bye” relationships. I did not allow people to get close and personal.
While doing the Net Meetings with Mark Hamilton and communicating with others like me on the Neothink website, I again became happy and fulfilled by reason of civility. In fact, I was learning the epitome of exhilaration found only in the Neothink Society. The Christian Church I went to for the love and sense of family in North Dakota left me desolate by the crimes of racism and adultery.
I was learning that Mark Hamilton and Neothink were a super civilized organization that had the acceptance and civility I needed to keep my character from regressing from civilized and normal to North Dakota obese and retarded. No offense.
My intent in writing these articles is not to discriminate against the desolate people in North Dakota, but to describe the problems they have as a testimony in order to edify the character of Mark Hamilton. So no offense. I can only sympathize with the people born in that community because they cannot see the way out of the death…they were born and raised there and that is all they know and they don’t know the way out. Isolation creates closed mindedness and they always see things the same way. So they are trapped and destined to die from suicide if they stay there.
I am not from there and knew that there better places to live. I was actually saved by girlfriends and friends from California. People I knew but want to keep private from the public. They were worried when they found out that I went to a little town out in the middle of nowhere…it was the women who contacted Mark Hamilton, I found out later…it is always women who help me…but the men who run things…such as my girlfriends contacting Mark Hamilton to help me in North Dakota…
As I communed with the Neothink Society, I began to see their character as super civilized to both North Dakota and Los Angeles, CA. I began to discern the mysticism and neo-cheating of the anticilization everywhere. People are the same wherever you go. They all speed on the freeways, They all drink and fight people for women, men and money and etc…I used to believe that man was basically honest. Now I know that man is basically dishonest, and evil. Compared to the churches in North Dakota and California, Mark Hamilton is like God because he is civilized and unbiased with humanity.
Now to get to the point of Mark Hamilton’s character assessed by me through experience, I want to show the differences between the anticivilization in the U.S. and Neothink:
The anticivilization: dishonest, racist, religious, disillusioned, sexually perverted, obese, suicidal, traditional, prejudiced, to name a few.
Neothink has answers for those problems. The boundaries of the anticivilized are super passed by Neothinks “new mind over old nature” teachings: honesty and the business mode mentality in order to avert crime. A sense of family replaces racism. Reality replaces disillusioned and unrealistic religion and mysticism. Romantic love and marriage fulfills the suppressed sexual appetites of the isolated. How to obtain the body of your dreams in Neothink literature replaces obesity. Romance and the Prime Law keep people from being unloved and abused so that people no longer want to commit suicide. The prejudice and tradition of the ignorant and naturally biased traditionalists is crossed by unity and a sense of family that crosses all ethnicity and traditions.
I came to the conclusion that the Neothink Society were a super organization  and are supercivilized and worthy to help the United States Government and to amend the Constitution with the Prime Law because they are supercivilized and moral.
I conclude with my point about the character of Mark Hamilton as the Founder and President of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party as supercivilized and moral. Mark Hamilton is a very civilized man worthy to create the Twelve Visions World and to run this nation because he has the characters that preachers and politicians should have to rule the world, and that is civility and morality.

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