“A Change for the Better”

“A Change for the Better”
As I started to write my testimonial, I began think of when things began to change for the better.  First, I would like to say “Thank you” to Mark Hamilton, who has written these most wonderful books, that has helped numerous people of all lifestyles.  In addition, I believe he is a great man with vision, honesty and respect for others rights.
A few months back, I had a 10-sec miracle that had happened so fast that I almost missed it. First, I will give some personal background; I am a person who lives the simple life, taking care of my daughter and going to college to finish my degree.  The story begins as I was watching over my mother–in-law, helping her as needed.  My husband and I had moved closer to her so we could do this, while also getting back on our feet from a previously unsuccessful relocation of our family. Therefore, we were living in a R.V. close by to her doing what we could.  One day, my mother–in-law asked us to leave promptly. Caught off guard we did not know what to do, at first.  Nevertheless, studying under Mr. Hamilton, my first reaction was to figure out how we were going to move, on very little money. Setting down one-day, I was brain storming on the right course of action, when my phone rang. I answered “Hello,” and it was my girlfriend, and I begun to tell her what had happened. After telling her the events, to my surprise my girlfriend said to me, “I have a rental that just became available for rent.”  Within 10-seconds of talking to my girlfriend, we had a house.  Positively, this miracle had happened, and was a good thing. That is why I know that what Mark Hamilton is talking about does actually work.  So if you have any questions please read more testimonials, and see all the people that it has helped changed their lives for the better.
Thank you reading this story by Suzanne S.

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